Sven Nelander awarded large research grant


The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has decided to support Sven Nelander with a grant of 30 million SEK.

The grant will be used for research in the field of big data and computational science. In the five-year project the researchers will develop two methods based on big data that enable large-scale analyses of multiple cancer data across several populations. The new methods will be applied to model personalised interventions in cancer stem cells from Swedish brain tumour patients. The goal is to show that the methods can be used to translate data from local and global sources to into actionable strategies in patients.

“It is very rewarding to receive such a large grant for our research. Our on-going efforts to develop novel anticancer therapies are increasingly dependent on accurate data analytics. The planned project addresses two of the challenges that remain before big data can be used in practice: integrating data from multiple systems, for instance cells, animal models and humans, to assess the potential of new therapies, and relating data from specific patient populations with much larger data,” says Sven Nelander.

Co-applicants in the proposal are Rebecka Jörnsten at Chalmers in Gothenburg and researchers at Stockholm University and Lund University. They also collaborate with leading biostatisticians in Florida and Melbourne.

Sven Nelander’s research
Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research