Sven Nelander receives Senior Investigator Award


The Swedish Cancer Society has decided to award Sven Nelander a Senior Investigator Award, which means funding of a six-year position.

Sven Nelander’s research focuses on systems biology based strategies to chart the molecular networks that cause cancer. He and his co-workers combine mathematical methods, computer simulations and experiments to understand the complex regulation of cancer cells. The ultimate goal is to develop new treatment strategies.

Sven Nelander’s has been at IGP since 2012 when he came to Uppsala as one the strategic recruitments done by SciLifeLab to strengthen the research environment in molecular biosciences.

 “It’s great to be awarded this position from the Cancer Society. It increases the possibilities to continue developing our interdisciplinary research on how to best treat cancer in the brain,” says Sven Nelander.

The purpose of the Cancer Society’s Senior Investigator Award is to support established and well-qualified researchers to allow them to focus on cancer research for six years. In the last few years, three other IGP researchers besides Sven Nelander have been awarded such positions.

IGP’s Head of Department Karin Forsberg Nilsson is very pleased that the Swedish Cancer Society has chosen to support several cancer researchers at the department.

“It’s very gratifying that so many of these grants have come to IGP. It shows that successful cancer research is conducted in Uppsala.”

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