Uppsala team wins SensUs creativity award


SensUs is a yearly international student competition on sensors for health. At this year’s competition, the Uppsala University team won the Creativity Award.

The aim of SensUs is to stimulate education and innovation by developing molecular sensors for health. The challenge at this year’s competition was to design and build a biosensor for the molecule NT-proBNP, a key indicator of heart failure.

On 8 and 9 of September, universities teams from ten countries gathered at Eindhoven University of Technology to present their biosensors. After an evaluation of performance, user-friendliness and industry potential, the team UppSense received the Creativity Award, which is given to the team with the most surprising solution.

The work in the Uppsala team has been coordinated by Masood Kamali-Mogahaddam at IGP, together with Gemma Mestres, Department of Engineering Sciences.

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Team UppSense, with Gemma Mestre and Masood Kamali-Moghaddam