Two IGP researchers receive grants in Swelife Accelerator call


Ulf Gyllensten and Peetra Magnusson participate in two projects that are granted support from Swelife for continued development of diagnostics and drugs for patients with

Swelife’s Accelerator call aims to finance both promising SMEs and projects that are about to start companies. In this year’s call for applications eight applicants have received grants of between SEK 1.4 and 5 million. All projects/companies have previously been financed by Swelife and now receive continued support to advance their work.

Ulf Gyllensten receives SEK 2.3 million to develop a biomarker text for cervical, ovarial and endometrial cancer. The test will be used to avoid surgery and for early discovery of tumours. The project team includes Karin Sundfeldt, Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg, Matts Olovsson, Uppsala University Hospital, Karin Glimskär Stålberg, Uppsala University Hospital, and Jon Heimer, OLINK Proteomics.

Peetra Magnusson is parter in the the project “Renaparin to improve kidney transplantation”, for which the company Corline Biomedical AB is awarded SEK 1.8 million. The project evaluates the possibilities to use the heparin conjugate Renaparin to protect and preserve the function of donated kidneys after transplantation. Tomas Lorant, Department of Surgical Sciences, Uppsala University, also participates in the project.

The financing decision in the Accelerator call has been made by Vinnova. Swelife is planning to offer an Accelerator call for applications annually.

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