Kaska Koltowska selected as Wallenberg Academy Fellow


The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation as decided to select IGP researcher Kaska Koltowska as Wallenberg Academy Fellow.

The programme Wallenberg Academy Fellow aims to support the most prominent young researchers with long-term funding to allow them to focus on their research. The grants amount to between SEK 5 and 7.5 million for five years. This year 24 new Wallenberg Academy Fellows have been selected, out of which four are at Uppsala University.

Kaska Koltowska’s research aims to determine how lymphatic vessels are formed and gain their function, and to use this knowledge to develop new therapies for lymphatic disorders.

Lymphatic vessels are key for maintaining body fluid homeostasis, immune cell transport and fatty acid absorption, and disrupted formation of lymphatic vasculature leads to vast range of diseases. By studying the fundamental developmental processes and uncovering genes important for correct vessel patterning and function there is a potential to discover new therapeutic targets.

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Wallenberg Academy Fellow 2017
Kaska Koltowska’s research


Kaska Koltowska
(photo Kylie Georgas)
 Developing lymphatic vessels